Monday, January 24, 2011 • Connecting The Dots: Phosgene, Dupont, And The Murder Of John Wheeler #tcot

Been doing a little digging.

Story is, John Wheeler was killed because he knew that Phosgene that had been buried underground in the area of Arkansas and the Phosgene was leaking out and killing birds and fish.

They just released a video which shows Wheeler just hours before his death, in what looks like an indoor bank ATM area.

They say it was the County Courthouse Parking Lot.

Surveillance video provided by the Newark, Del. Police Department on Wednesday shows John P. Wheeler III inside the Newcastle County Courthouse parking garage, on Dec. 29 in Wilmington, Del. Wheeler appeared confused and disoriented as he wandered inside the office building less than 14 hours before his body was dumped with a load of trash at a nearby landfill, police said. ... t=My+Yahoo

But then, in the same article, they make this claim.

Newark police report Wednesday that John P. Wheeler III was spotted at 8:30 p.m. Thursday as he wandered through a DuPont Co. building, apparently confused and disoriented

Rick Straitman, a spokesman for the DuPont Co., said they turned the video over to police

So, out of curiosity, I did a search of Dupont Phosgene. The first thing that shows up is;

Carl “Dan” Fish, a worker at the DuPont plant in Belle West Virginia, died this past Sunday due to phosgene exposure. Only scant details about the incident have been released by DuPont thus far, but this is what we have been told. ... ene-dea

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