Thursday, February 20, 2014

#tcot #tgdn Audio - Mark Levin: Obama's FCC Is Going After Conservative Talk Radio

Hap Tip TMH

Mark talks about the FCC under President Obama and his appointees is going after conservative talk radio. Mark says they see conservatives as a threat and a sign of resistance against their ideology. Speaking of ideology, Mark talks about the fanatics and ideologues in Congress that have no regard for the Constitution and are allowing Obama to bypass Congress and control the power of the purse. Mark says that when the debt ceiling debate comes up again in a few weeks, that if the Republican's cave in, that Obama would have single-handedly violated the 14th Amendment and Article 1 by taking powers from the Constitution and into the hands of the Executive as he unilaterally will raise the debt ceiling. We now have it where taxation is becoming servitude and enslaving the citizenry. Mark also talks about the Virginia Governor race and his support for Ken Cuccinelli and how the pseudo-Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis is trying to take away votes from him.