Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hillary and Her Pig

Hat tip DE Navarro

©2014 DE Navarro. You have my permission to use this poem and repost it anywhere you like as long as you include the by line -- by: DE Navarro, and this copy right statement.
Hillary and Her Pig
Will the woman who watched while her reckless pig Bill
Used women like toys moving in for the kill,
Who coerced his sweet intern to once again please,
Abide him, unzip him, and drop to her knees,
Will the woman who sought her political gain
Pretend not to know and proceed now to feign,
That her man respects women and honors their rights
While he plans and he schemes to turn out the lights?

And what of the dozens who claimed as they should,
That Bill did them wrong while he did himself good
That he used them abused them and even did bite,
That poor girl on the lip who he forced that pale night,
Her confirmed testimony recorded on tape,
Everywhere else we call his crime rape,
Blind to Bill's crimes, how can they ignore,
The pillory of shame all these women abhor,
Where he binds women fast in the place they should be
To attend to his pig-hood in slick willy glee.

Will she still front her man as pro-feminine rights,
While pursuing the Oval’s penultimate heights?
She cannot be a champion of women you see,
Not honoring each woman's right to be free.
Will this election then prove to be her next gig,
To get back in the White House along with her pig?
I’m warning you now if we let this thing fly,
We will all be living in Hillary’s sty.
Our liberties squashed in messy pig mire
Freedom and justice a forgotten desire.

Benghazi and scandals and IRS schemes
Are only a taste of what she now dreams
Power, again, to extort and to take
And really, now, "what difference does it make?"
We've suffered already this "hope and change" lie
Perhaps we should welcome this Hillary's sty
A new social welfare, a victimized nation
Equality's game for pig Bill's pure elation.

And to play out the sick Orwellian theme
Feed slop to the masses, a corn-cob dream,
No, we cannot buy into Ms Hillary’s lies
Feeding in troughs and living in sties
Subjected to Bill and his slick willy glees
Making her interns drop to their knees.
So keep the truth moving and shout the alarm
Vote NO in the polls to the Animal Farm.