Monday, December 2, 2013

Recognizing the Problem, are we losing the war for Liberty?

Hat Tip Floyd
 (This was written by a very good friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous, but who speaks with certain authority on the subject from his former S.F. career)
Recognizing the Problem
To any intelligent observer, it is obvious we are losing our freedoms, culture and way of life. I often have asked myself “When will we know the right time?” By the “right time,” I mean the time to actively resist.
This is not an easy question to answer and it has taken me decades of considering it, coupled with every bit of knowledge and life experience I possess. I think I have finally come up with an answer that I feel comfortable with. The rest of this document is my answer and reasoning behind it.
First, I realize that in order to solve a problem, it must be identified. Coming up the the definition is one of the most difficult parts in this situation. I had to take the definition one step at a time. In order to get there, I decided to just write down many of the points I had been considering as related to the problem. I wrote down the following as a starting point:
  1. Our country started off as the freest country in history after the founders had suffered enough to motivate them into action. I think they realized they had to do something when they did or lose any hope of living as free men. They had to be willing to risk everything for that freedom and prevent continued tyranny being imposed by royalty.
  2. As a young nation with freedoms, it became the most prosperous in history. People were able to keep the results of their labors.
  3. Over time, the government the founders established to protect its citizens rights to live as free people was slowly taken away from the people by another form of elite. Banks and corporations began buying control. What this has resulted in is a radical change in our government by those who only pretend to represent the people.
  4. This change in our government has engendered a disregard for the agreement the people made with the government. This agreement, known as the Constitution, is a sacred covenant between the government and the governed. The People agreed to be loyal to that agreement, give certain authority to that government, in exchange for that government to protect the freedoms, prosperity and security of the People. That covenant has been broken and replaced with rules and regulations that subtract from the freedoms of the People and their ability to prosper. The covenant has been broken, thus the people should no longer be bound by it.
  5. Taking up arms in a haphazard manner would be self destructive and ill conceived right now. I know this from my Special Forces training. Not enough people are prepared or in the frame of mind to fight at this time. Most of the population is “programmed” by the media and do not know the “real situation.”
  6. We are in a revolution. It is a war. We did not start it, they did. It is a war in EVERY sense of the word. It is a revolution in government from the Constitution and recognition of it as the law of the land to tyrannical rule by political elites.
  7. One of the rules of war is that if you are not winning, you are losing. We have been losing “Big Time.”
  8. Another principle of war is to gain and maintain contact with the enemy. This helps in many ways such as gaining the initiative. Remember, if you are not winning, you are losing the war.
These and other points have gone through my mind over the years as I watch this war against us take place. These points alone lend themselves to the “definition” of the problem. I think I can now state the problem clearly”
Problem definition: We the People are at war. We are losing it. It is a revolution being waged against us and our families by our own government and we are financing it.
Now that I have a definition of the problem, the next step is to come up with reasonable solutions.
As said above, grabbing a gun and going after anyone at this point would be not only suicidal, it would also be counter productive. It would play right into their hands.
As far as I am concerned, the reasonable solutions reflect recognition of the points outlined above, at least for starters:
  1. Education of the People and “DE-programing.” There is “some” of this happening now such as talk radio and the “Tea Party,” but much of it is misplaced and misdirected in my not so humble opinion. My reasoning is as follows:
A. Talk radio: Most of talk radio is just anti-democrat and pro-republican. Both parties are to blame. Both parties are full of progressives and sellouts. Those that don't claim to be progressives are still doing the bidding of the big money.
B. Tea Party: The Tea Party started out really doing some good, but was infiltrated by operatives of the republican party. It is a good way to let people blow off steam, get some money from them by having them sign useless petitions to get their contact information and divert their votes to the republican candidates. It helps get the organizers on TV and catered to by congress hoping to get access to the contact information of the members.
C. Glenn Beck: His message is good. His passion is great, but there is only one of him and he is mostly singing to the choir. Still, he is doing allot of good in my opinion.
D. Oath Keepers: Good message. Doing a good job as long as the leadership stays away from the patriots for profit like Bo Gritz and Jack McLamb. OK are doing a very good job in a critical area...educating the Military and Law enforcement on what is and is not a lawful order.
E. Militias: Most of these are filled with “Salt of the Earth” good patriots and are doing a good job eradicating the image they were given in the 1990's as extremists. They have learned to en grain themselves in the communities and not be talked into “jumping the gun” by agent provocateurs
F. The NRA: Good as gold but a single issue organization.
Education of the rest of the population is the key. The groups mentioned above are not enough. We must stop losing in the schools, churches and the media.

One way to do that is through civil disobedience on popular issues such as Obamacare, illegal immigration and the Mexican drug cartel controlling areas of our border.

We need to keep our eyes open for other issues we can take part in so as to gain the Public Relations high ground. They need to be issues a broad range of the population can identify with, such as government spying, higher taxes, corrupt politicians and civil rights. This is a form of gaining and maintaining contact with the enemy.

The important point here is to gain the initiative. Keep the enemy on the defensive. Don't let them dominate the debate or the issues. When they are prepared to discuss Obamacare, raise hell about the NSA. When they think they are ready to debate on the NSA, go to " Taxes are too high!".....Whatever.

When it comes to corrupt politicians, patriots can pick one big one, like Mitch McConnel, and raise hell with him. Chant that he is against the people. This will get the attention of the rest. It will make the news. It will have far more influence than it would seem.

We need to find ways to start educating the kids and de-programming them and the indoctrination they have gotten in public schools. They need to learn the true history of this country and not that of Mexico or Africa. They need to know the Constitution.
  1. We must be prepared to take risks. We must be prepared to support each other and stand with our brothers and sisters that take risks.
  2. We must gain the momentum and take the fight to the enemy. Right now that means winning the public relations battle. Make issues of government over reach. Force it into the public's minds. Every time the government violates our rights or those protesting, make an issue of it so the public becomes sensitive to it.
  3. Make politicians that are leaders in the war against us regret it. Make them start paying one at a time. Put them on the defensive. Start urging term limits. Start protesting for it. Make a video of the “Big Shot” lifestyle in D.C.
  4. Right now, we must man the ramparts. We must stop spitting into the wind and gain the initiative. We must choose the battles and win. Every time the enemies assault the People on issues with broad appeal, we must use Madison Avenue tactics to amplify their crimes.
  5. Mao Tse Tung wrote in his book on guerrilla warfare that the People are to the revolutionary as the sea is to the fish. If the water is not the right temperature and able to support the fish they cannot survive. If the People are not psychologically prepared for the resistance, the resistance cannot survive.
Conclusion: We are in a war we did not start. We have been losing for a long time. Time is running out. The longer we wait to take the initiative, the less chance we and our children will have.

By making our presence and will known, we will inspire others to do the same. If the enemy over reacts, they lose because we will gain the moral high ground due to their heavy hand. The more they lose, the more desperate they will become until something gives. Then it is time to change tactics and use the momentum.