Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dangerous Video Could Trigger Another Great Awakening If Too Many View

Hat Tip Smitty
This is lengthy, but worth your time, especially the first 38 minutes or so:
Positive arguments given by Dr. Craig include that God is the best explanation:

  • why anything at all exists,
  • for the origin of the universe,
  • the applicability of mathematics to the physical world,
  • for the fine tuning of the universe for intelligent life,
  • intentional states of consciousness in the world,
  • of objective moral values and duties in the world,
  • of the historical facts concerning Jesus’ resurrection,
  • of God’s ability to be personally known and experienced.

The first six are rather wonky, the seventh is more historical, and the final point is crucial for the discussion to be more than abstract.

The atheist opponent, Dr. Rosenberg immediately tries to alter the terms of the debate. The debate is not about theism; the debate is about whether faith is nuts. Watch the whole thing when you have a chance. Dr. Rosenberg seems consumed with the Problem of Evil, especially in the case of the Holocaust. I guess if I was Dr. Craig, I would have pointed out that the last century’s Holocaust was by no means the first to occur to the Jews, as a reading of the Old Testament shows.

As for Dr. Rosenberg’s arithmetic argument, he seems to have happened upon a possible model for angelic beings, other than Lucifer & cohort.

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