Sunday, January 6, 2013

How Your Community Is Implementing AGENDA 21

Astute Legal Insurrection readers remarked that much of the “climate change” dialog in this country seems to be directed at getting citizens to support United Nation’s Agenda 21.

I wanted to offer some insights on this theoretically voluntary action plan that has environmentally protective sustainable development as its supposed goal from Dr. Illeana Johnson Paugh, author of “U.N. Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy“. She is an immigrant from Romania, expert in fiscal and monetary matters, and a guest on CANTO TALK most Friday nights (when she covers the state of the national and global economies).

Johnson Paugh recently noted that, “the war on Agenda 21 just got hotter“.

"Thinking Americans understand now what U.N. Agenda 21 is and are not backing down from fighting the anti-American, anti-prosperity, wealth redistribution scheme of the United Nations against our way of life.

The U.N. has deemed commercial agriculture unsustainable and has used taxpayer dollars and local supervisors to re-zone, re-shape, and prohibit land use for local agriculture or building that is not approved by their bio-diversity plan of limiting human habitation – all in the name of saving the planet….

Unfair regulatory actions against Martha Boneta, a farmer in Fauquier County, Virginia, “violate fundamental rights and unfairly restrict her property rights.” Delegate L. Scott Lingamfelter (R-Woodbridge/31st district) plans to strengthen Virginia’s Right to Farm Act and to “protect farmers against future encroachments by local government.”

Delegate Lingamfelter, who represents four of the Fauquier County’s 20 voting precincts, is planning a press conference to discuss his proposed legislation on January 8, 2013 in Richmond, Virginia. Two prominent property rights advocates will be in attendance, Joel Salatin and Mark Fitzgibbons.

“Martha Boneta’s rights have been wrongly challenged. I am bringing legislation in the 2013 session of the General Assembly to improve the Right to Farm Act here in Virginia, so small farmers like Martha will enjoy fully their property rights. It’s not about demonizing anyone in this controversy. It’s about standing by property rights and our Founder’s vision.”