Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bill Whittle interviews Evan Sayet: The Kindergarten of Eden

In its simplest form, the culture war is a war being waged by the people who don’t do anything against the people who do everything. …For the first part of the Modern Liberal era, the abject stupidity of the permanently infantilized could be absorbed…. So long as there were a sufficient number of people of God and science doing things and making things, these Modern Liberals could remain forever like Adam and Eve in Eden, or a child in a kindergarten playground. …So long as there were people of God and science who could provide for him when he couldn’t provide for himself, he was sure to be safe and comfortable just being himself and doing whatever feels good. Today we are at a tipping point where the people of God and science will soon be overwhelmed by the demands of taking care of the permanently infantilized. It is unsustainable.
—Evan Sayet, The Kindergarten of Eden
PJTV's Bill Whittle interviews Evan Sayet about his book, The Kindergarten of Eden. Sayet thinks that most liberals are neither stupid nor evil. So why do liberal policies so often produce stupid, if not evil results? Is it because liberalism promotes evil over the good.

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