Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Obamacare & Origins of Nazi Holocaust - Eugenics / Euthanesia

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German healthcare is often cited as an example that America should emulate. This is a video that provides some background on the German universal healthcare system that is relevant to the current debate on government control of the healthcare system in America. The question is not that the programs are currently the same, but why should this much power be given to the Government, which can so easily be abuse by such a messianic dictator that may gain power?

Centralized government control of the healthcare system was already in place, when Hitler came along and wanted to use it for mass murder. German universal healthcare was started in the 1880's by Otto von Bismarck, called the Iron Chancellor for his authoritarian style of governing.

Few may realize it, but the Holocaust actaully started in the national healthcare system of Germany with a project called the T4 program. Universal healthcare is based on the idea that the distribution of healthcare should promote the welfare of society, according to Government priorities. It is inherently redistributive. Hitler ordered the hospitals and mental institutions to euthanize hundreds of thousands of the handicapped and mentally ill, in order to save money. In any universal healthcare system the Government will be deciding at some level, who gets healthcare and who doesn't, that is, the government will decide who lives and who dies.

Much of the early work in Eugenics was done in the United States and Hitler was inspired by the work by of American scientists. Eugenics is based on the idea that Government can improve that health of the population by making decisions that tailor the genetics of the population. The German government decided that the Jewish race is genetically inferior and their genes should be eliminated from the population. Many of the techniques used in the mass extermination of the Jews were developed and first implemented in the hospitals of the German universal healthcare system. The German universal healthcare system gave Hitler the control that he needed to develop the methods of mass extermination and to do the first trials of mass extermination.

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