Sunday, November 4, 2012

Glenn Beck Delivers Rousing Speech in Swing State of Ohio Days Before Election: ‘We Are Going to Wake Up to a New America’

Glenn Beck delivers keynote speech at FreedomWorks event “The Revolution Rises” in Ohio on Friday (UStream)
With just four days until arguably the most important election in a generation, Glenn Beck and FreedomWorks CEO Matt Kibbe hosted a gathering of conservatives from across the country in the crucial swing state of Ohio on Friday. The event was aptly titled “The Revolution Rises,” a final call to action for grassroots fiscal conservatives to Get out the Vote (GOTV).

“Hello Ohio,” Beck said to cheers. “This is the group that is about to change the world…and you are going to do it on Tuesday.”

Opening his impassioned keynote speech, Beck read a letter that a fan wrote to him who had nearly hit rock bottom after losing custody of his son, his financial security and being forced to live in a tin storage unit. Beck got choked up as he read the words, but he plowed through the letter anyway. The man, as Americans tend to do, picked himself up from the depths of his misery and committed to living his life around the following motto: “The moment a man stops trying to do his best is the moment a man starts to do his very worst.”

Today, the listener who wrote to Beck is a different man. He rebuilt his career, restored his financial situation and even regained custody of his son. He was also in the crowd at the rally on Friday and got a shout out from Beck himself.

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