Sunday, October 28, 2012

Video: Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer’s Sources Say Obama was in the Situation Room Watching Benghazi Attack – He Could Have Ordered an Intervention

Hat Tip Nice Deb
If Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer is right, Barack Obama just sat there and watched as four Americans were brutally murdered.
Tony Shaffer is a U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel who gained notoriety for his claims about mishandled intelligence before the 9/11/01 attacks and for the censoring of his book, Operation Dark Heart.

He told Fox’s Judge Jeanine Pirro that his sources say Obama was one of the people in the room watching the Benghazi attack go down and it would have taken an order by the president to intervene.

“Do we know if the President watched this?” Pirro asked him.

Shaffer answered, “According to my sources – yes - he was one of those in the White House Situation room in real time, watching this. And the question becomes, what did the President do or not do in the moments he saw this unveiling….He and only he could issue a directive for Sec of Defense, Panetta to do something.”

Once again, Obama voted “present”.

It is known that Obama met with the Biden and Panetta in the White House at 5:00. Col. Hunt says help was only 20 minutes away by jet and a couple of hours away by AC-130 gunships and special forces. He and Shaffer concluded that the decision not to intervene was political.

So no “gutsy call” to save these heroic Americans’ lives would be forthcoming because of political considerations?….

Pirro asked, “what is Ty Woods thinking as he’s calling for help and he has his laser on the mortars?”

Shaffer’s answer was heartbreaking. “He’s probably thinking about the fact that he’s given every last ounce of his strength toward his country and is calling in the cavalry and his last thoughts were, ‘I thought they’d come.’”

Pirro made sure to stress that the CIA operatives in Benghazi were denied help – but were not denied help from the military.
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