Monday, August 22, 2011

YouTube - Elenin: The "cluster" and the hour of truth. Confusion at NASA.

Then reproduce the latest images available from the "cluster" Elenin proceed to make a reasoned reflection on the documentation available to date. Surprised that NASA does not publish a single photograph of the Comet, despite the insistence of the scientific community at this point.

Fortunately we have the network of amateur astronomers and their telescopes, some of them powerful enough to capture images as provided by Miller.

In a major collaborative effort with the team of "A. Evans & All" We could gather all the documentation you can, and in particular we have access to a photo that clearly as you can see the "cluster".


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via @altnewsforum "September Comet Elenin"

NASA Multimedia Videos

You speak Russian? "Еленина"= Elenin