Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Muslims lay out Their Demands for the NYPD!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011 Christopher Logan
Right Side News

In the wake of the recent story about the CIA and NYPD gathering information on the Islamic community, Muslims and their leftist supporters have issued a list of demands for the CIA, State of NY, and NYPD.
Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition
c/o CLEAR – Creating Law Enforcement Accountability & Responsibility
City University of New York School of Law, 65-21 Main Street, Flushing, NY 11367
Responds to Reports of NYPD-CIA Collaboration   
 (New York, NY, August 25, 2011)—The Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition (MACLC) is deeply troubled by the news of the New York City Police Department’s collaboration with the Central Intelligence Agency to spy on American Muslim communities. The reporting suggests that the CIA may be violating the prohibition on domestic spying. Despite Mayor Bloomberg’s insistence otherwise, it is clear that the NYPD is spying on entire communities without any particular suspicion of criminal activity. Community-based surveillance falls well beyond the purview of even the NYPD’s broad preventative mandate.

From growing reliance on unsubstantiated and discriminatory theories about radicalization, to revelations about law enforcement’s use of Islamophobic training materials, to a number of reports documenting government informants literally encouraging and devising terrorist plots, there is a growing body of evidence to confirm what Muslim communities have been long been saying: the NYPD and FBI are engaging in blatant religious, racial, and national origin profiling and broadbased surveillance of Muslim communities, absent suspicion of criminal activity. The FBI’s own guidelines authorize the agency to undertake “assessments” prior to any indication of criminal activity. Now every American must ask about the role of the CIA in these operations.

Together, these practices paint a dangerous picture of the ways in which law enforcement engages with Muslim communities under the banner of national security. These McCarthyite spying techniques threaten the civil rights of all Americans, and deepen the long-existing rifts between communities of color and police in the United States.

Since 2007 MACLC has raised concerns about NYPD policies that encourage police officers to spy on Muslim communities when there is no indication of wrongdoing. Despite MACLC’s best efforts, the NYPD has refused to engage meaningfully with those that draw attention to problems with its policies. We believe the time has come for this issue to be taken up more broadly.

MACLC calls on:
• the New York City Council to investigate and oversee the NYPD’s operations, as well as a City Comptroller Audit;
• the Obama Administration to initiate a federal investigation into the extent to which the CIA has engaged in domestic spying within the United States, in violation of law and its manadate;
• Congress and the New York State Senate to hold hearings into the NYPD’s, FBI’s, and CIA’s surveillance and policing practices in Muslim communities with a focus on the role of informants;
• Congress and New York State Senate to pass enforceable anti-racial profiling legislation;
• NYPD and the Department of Justice to revise their internal guidelines to disallow the use of surveillance and informants absent suspicion of specific criminal activity.

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Muslim Brotherhood affiliates like the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Islamic Society of North America, and the Muslim American Society have cast themselves as the gatekeepers to the Muslim-American community. A new Gallup poll shows that the Brotherhood’s campaign to lead the Muslim-American community through these fronts has failed, as only a small minority feel represented by them.
The Abu Dhabi Gallup Center asked Muslim-Americans which group represented them, if any. The Council on American-Islamic Relations had the highest level of support, with 12 percent of men and 11 percent of women choosing it. The Islamic Society of North America came in second, with four and seven percent of men and women choosing it, respectively. The Muslim Public Affairs Council came in third, with six percent of men and one percent of women. The Islamic Circle of North America came in last, with 2 percent of men choosing it and less than one percent of women choosing it.

What Law Enforcement Says About CAIR

*"CAIR's Status As A Co-Conspirator Is A Matter Of Public Record"
- Judge Jorge Solis
HLF Trial Of CAIR-Texas Founder Ghassan Elashi & Others

*"CAIR has been identified by the government at trial as a participant in an ongoing and ultimately unlawful conspiracy to support
a designated terrorist organization, a conspiracy from which CAIR never withdrew"
- U.S. Attorney James T. Jacks

*"The four pieces of evidence...create at least a prima facie case as to CAIR's involvement in a conspiracy to support HAMAS."(p7)
- Judge Jorge Solis
HLF Trial Of CAIR-Texas Founder Ghassan Elashi & Others

*"CAIR Is A HAMAS Entity...It Is HAMAS" (Video - 7:28)
- Former FBI Special Agent
Expert On Muslim Brotherhood Movement In US

*"I think there is something disingenuous about the idea of a representative of CAIR saying, 'We don't know what this is about.'"... "During the Holyland Foundation trial, evidence was brought to bear that two of the founding members of CAIR - who were still in those positions at the time - were related to HAMAS organizers, and the question that was raised was, 'Is CAIR going to be an appropriate liaison partner for the FBI if the two founding members who are still in place are maintaining that relationship with HAMAS, a designated terrorist group...'" (Audio)
- FBI Assistant Director John Miller
*"Until We Can Resolve Whether There Continues To Be A Connection Between CAIR Or It's Executives And HAMAS,
The FBI Does Not View CAIR As An Appropriate Liaison Partner..."
- Richard C. Powers
FBI Assistant Director Of Congressional Affairs
*"You stated it was to help people, but the motive was to support HAMAS," ... "You state that you are innocent,
but the evidence shows the opposite."
- Judge Jorge Solis
HLF Trial Of CAIR-Texas Founder Ghassan Elashi & Others

“There Is No Question CAIR Supports HAMAS”
- Former FBI Special Agent John Vincent

*"The attendees agreed not to mention the word HAMAS but to refer to HAMAS as 'Samah,' which is HAMAS spelled backwards," (p19)
- Judge Jorge Solis
HLF Trial Of CAIR-Texas Founder Ghassan Elashi & Others

"We Know The Founders Of CAIR Are HAMAS Operatives."
- Former FBI Agent John Guandolo [1][2]

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