Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Prayer needed for the tribal people and missionaries in Paupua New Guinea #christian #missions #tcot

From our missionary friends, Jason and Nisae in Papua New Guinea.

The Following Satellite Communication just came in...
We’d like to ask you to pray specifically for those involved in the teaching at Dabilyu.  Sickness is sweeping through the villages and everyone attending the teaching AND the teachers (except Jason) is sick!  We are at some pretty key lessons on faith and works and it’s vital that good communication and understanding take place.  Thanks for being warriors in the battle waging here!

We also just wanted to share an answer to prayer last week in the teaching:

Last Tuesday, Welsen was teaching on how God, out of his kindness and love, gave to Adam (and to all men) a helper- a woman.  After the meeting Unex said in front of everyone “you know, I was sitting here thinking that because God is kind he gave us this “present” but in our culture we treat women like they are nothing special.  We buy our wives like we would go to a store and buy something.  Our culture has distorted God’s intent. That’s not right!”

Welsen then agreed with Unex and reminded everyone that God is perfect and created a perfect world and we will continue to learn God’s story and why it is no longer perfect because of the choice that Adam & Even made.   As I sat there and listened to Unex I became a bit choked up.  I was seeing the Holy Spirit at work!! It may seem like a small thing, but Unex was able to think about how God had made a perfect world without sin, without pain, without sickness, and then look at where we live now and start to wonder how things could have gotten like this.

Thanks for continuing to pray with us through this whole teaching.  We know the Lord is at work!

Your hands & feet folded and knelt in prayer,
Jason, Nisae, Kadynn, Judah & Eden

Their Website TY in advance for your prayers.