Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Health Care Unconstitutional: Obama Sedition? - MarketTicker Forums #tcot

Posted 2011-02-01 by Karl Denninger in Politics

Yes, that's a strong word.

It may also be appropriate.

The White House officials said that the ruling would not have an impact on implementation of the law, which is being phased in gradually. (The individual mandate, for example, does not begin until 2014.) They said that states cannot use the ruling as a basis to delay implementation in part because the ruling does not rest on "anything like a conventional Constitutional analysis." Twenty-six states were involved in the lawsuit.

So now we have a White House that has declared its intent to ignore a declaratory judgment.

The Administration has no right to do this.

Obama's White House has exactly two options:

1. Comply with the ruling.  This means that any and all activity authorized or mandated by the Statute cease now.

2. File an appeal and ask for a stay pending its hearing.  If said stay is granted, then the ruling is held pending consideration.

That's it.

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