Saturday, January 29, 2011

St Louis MO : M.O.R.E picketed Bank of America #tcot #BOA

Missouri Organization for Reform and Employment, M.O.R.E, picketed Bank of America today out of their anger of foreclosures. M.O.R.E and their accuse the Bank of predatory  lending and taking advantage of low income people. They argue that since the banks was bailed out, the people should be too.

Jonathen Hoenig of Smart Money oppose bailing out individuals. In his article to, Government shouldn’t bail Out Failing Home Owners, he argued the individuals who made a financial commitment have no right to ask tax payers to bail them out instead of taking responsibility themselves. Hoenig opposed bailing out banks as well, “Who deserves a bailout? Nobody. Not white-shoe investment bankers in Mercedes SLKs nor unwed pregnant teenagers missing payments on their subprime loans. Most Americans understand this.”

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