Monday, January 24, 2011 "Wheeler's Death - Politics & Crime Are The Same Thing" #tcot #ocra

By Richard Eastman

John P Wheeler's death and the way his body was disposed of was as much for us as for him. The dumpster is a dramatic way of intimidating. It would have been too easy to "quitely" kill Wheeler with an arranged accident or a heart attack -- a plane or train crash -- or a set up false plot murder scenario. The message intended to be loud and clear was, "No one is too high to get the same if they stop playing along." Wheeler was picked because, in addition to the threat he posed them (which of course explains his death), his highly visible no-mistaking-it display as a corpse was needed by the criminals to impress the message so important to the conspiracy that "good guys finish last."

This is the age of information warfare. You win by cunning, not by real direct power. You win by bluff -- leveraging misinformation about how strong and capable you are in areas where you really are not that strong.

The ATS inspections originally had the purpose of "explaining" why there were no more Arab terrorists taking over planes. But now it is being used to intimidate .. but the fact is airports are only a few small places where the federal government has power of forces over citizens -- in a showdown that power would evaporate immediately. Most federal agents will be loyal rather than being part of operations where force is used against the population in an obvious power play by foreign controlled tyranny. They will walk away before they do that -- and there are no machine guns at their back "holding them to duty" when they do so (as there were behind soldiers ordered "over the top" in the trench warfare on the Western Front of World War One. The yes-man and go-along-to-get-along attitudes of corporations and bureaucracy (the "Dilbert environment") will fall apart when someone confronts the "Wicked Witch of the West" with a bucket of non-negotiable demands for debt repudiation, social credit, peace and the end of Zionist/globalist domestic economy regulation and foreign policy and media monopoly.

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