Sunday, January 30, 2011

"A Message to the Egyptian People" | World Opinion and Editorial Right Side News #tcot #Egypt

From Iranians who experienced 32 years ago, what is happening in Egypt now!

Iranian revolution 32 years ago was hijacked by Muslim extremists who deceived the Iranian people and turned Iran to what it is today, a country of misery, corruption, high inflation, unemployment, human trafficking, drugs, prostitution, rape, torture, hunger, poverty, hangings and murder.

Thirty-two years ago, President Carter turned its back on the United State’s long- time ally and sided with Khomeini.  Carter, in his naiveté, thought that Khomeini would bring democracy and freedom to the Iranian people, even though he called Iran the “island of stability in the region.”

Now, Iranians are much yearning for the freedoms they had, not to mention the democracy they aspired. Rulers of Iran have indeed taken the country back to the medieval times.  Boys and girls cannot hold hands while walking on the streets.  Islamic dress code is strictly enforced.  All forms of entertainment and joyfulness are prohibited. Women are treated like second class citizens.  They are hanged or stoned for having sexual relationships with the opposite sex, even though in some cases their male partners might have been the culprit.  Political freedoms are taken away.  Corruption runs rampant.  Independent newspapers are shut down. Religious minorities are persecuted. Many political activists, who helped bring this regime to power, are killed or forced out of the country and their latest’s “son of revolution”, Dr. Ibrahim Yazdi, is now rotting in regime’s jail. Second to China, Iran is the most violator of human rights in the world. And the President Obama, unfortunately, is in bed with both.

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