Sunday, January 23, 2011

EMERGENCY: All Eyes on Venezuala via @Gulagbound

EMERGENCY: All Eyes on Venezuala

Gulag Bound

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American patriots, from Tea Parties to social democrats are being urged to show up as a ‘flash mob’– preferably with a red gag or bandanna over their mutually non-violent mouths — or at least to noise it up, in media and to media.

Caracas is the touch-point – ground zero beginning 9:30am ET and it could be, literally ballistic. As China transported military thugs from Mongolian provinces, to dispatch the Tienanmen protesters, word on the ground is Cuban military and FARC drug thugs may apply themselves to Sunday’s peaceful protesters, whether wearing olive green, or in street clothes, disguised as Venezuelan Chavez supporters.

Sunday 1/23 should be a critical day in the passions of world history. Tens of thousands of protesters are expected to amass in Caracas, Venezuela, demanding Hugo Chavez be deposed.

It could bring a new birth of freedom, or an atrocity worse than Tienanmen Square. All eyes must turn to Caracas and remain vigilant until the Marxofascist insurrection ends.

Over this past Christmas season, a hardcore, totalitarian mixture of Marxism and fascism (hence, Marxofascism) has been forced upon this nation of great strategic importance, one citizen’s life after another.

Did you know that? No shame if you did not. Eerily, even a dogged newshound may not have caught a whiff of the stench of Chavez’ totalitarian abrogations. Even so, this coming Sunday, January 23, Venezuela’s courageous require, perhaps desperately, the massively focused attention of Americans and of the entire world.  Will the whole world be watching?

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